International Standard Progress


September 2018

Attendees of the RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference participated in an interactive feedback session regarding the industry’s interest in pursuing an international standard. The consensus of participants was that the pursuit is of interest to the industry. RIC collected valuable feedback from conference attendees that will help drive the next steps in the standards development process.

March 2018

RIC was notified that there was not sufficient consensus among U.S. constituents for ANSI to approve the proposal for an ISO Standard. RIC is reviewing the feedback received from ANSI to determine the best path forward.

November 2017

ANSI announced the public comment period for the proposal to develop an international standard for remanufacturing.


October 2017

The completed proposal for development of an international remanufacturing standard was submitted to ANSI for approval.


July 2017

RIC’s Trade & Policy Committee has begun to draft a proposal for the development of an international remanufacturing standard.