Brand Guidelines for Use of the Remanufacturing Mark

The Following Guidelines apply to use of the Remanufacturing Mark

This mark is an application of ISO 7000-1135 and as shown in ISO 10987-2.

  • This mark shall be used only on materials related to products that conform to ANSI/RIC001.2-2021.
  • This mark shall not be engraved into the product or otherwise permanently affixed to the product.
  • The mark shall be clearly visible on the product’s packaging and documentation, as appropriate.
  • The mark alone does not specify conformity to ANSI/RIC001.2-2021. Conformity is declared in conjuction with the label options offered in the document of the standard.
  • The mark shall be printed in a solid color, either black, white, or green, as is appropriate to stand out against its background.